🌟🚨🌟 UPDATE June 25, 2022 🌟🚨🌟

As temps continue to rise, so do the counts of persons reaching out to Furst Class Canine for service. We truly are blessed and thankful!Β Β (But we are sorry for delays many have experienced in booking as vacations, repairs and maintenance, and shifts in procedure have us a bit behind)

🌟We plan to be caught up with rebooks, reschedules, and new inquiries early next week and are very thankful for the grace and patience we’ve been extended. 🌟

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and update you all to our most current operating status and processes.

In an effort to combat our current economy and to provide and accommodate for staff and client vacations, we are sure many have noticed considerable delays in booking requests or changes to our available offerings. We are combining routes, modifying travel, and restricting some travel areas, as well as modifying and updating our internal process. We apologize for any inconveniences and are doing our best to continue with restructuring our operations to be as efficient as possible. Some important changes which will effect clients going forward:

🌟 Furst Class will no longer offer 5/7/9 week intervals for booking, nor will we continue service for clients who surpass our long standing limitations of 8 weeks (2 months). We must be firm in this going forward.

🌟 For new clients, we will only be accepting clients seeking a 2 or 4 week service interval. Existing clients will be slowly integrated to 6 week maximum intervals with preference for 4 week intervals.

🌟 We have begun a process of phasing out invoicing. If you are unable to be present for service, you will need to arrange with your stylist to place a card on file for remitting payment. (All information is encrypted and saved within Square so you can feel secure about your payment information)

🌟 FUEL SURCHARGES… we have held firm for over a year with inflated supply costs, shortages, increased operating costs, and fuel having more than doubled. Unfortunately, we can not abate a fuel surcharge any longer. Beginning July 1, 2022 we will be implementing a $5 stop fee to all appointments and a $2 per additional dog idle time fee. (We do not wish to penalize multipet homes but do have to account for idle time on our gas generators which run at higher cost during summer AC months. This is our most fair compromise.)

We are happy to announce to our OKC area clients an additional option for service! We know many have been met with dire economic changes recently. When these things happen, budgets must be re-evaluated, and we understand FCC provides a luxury service at a luxury rate.

We have been fortunate enough to open a brick and mortar storefront location which may be a more economical option for clients. Pawfection Pet Styling Studio is located in the quiet community of Noble just south of Norman and provides the same quality service as FCC does but at a fixed location. If you feel you may be in need of this service, inquire after more information and we are happy to assist.